“What the hell are you going to do about it?”

Former Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman has a band called Yellow Cake. I bet a lot of people think he would be a nice guy to have a beer with.
He left the DOE a few months ago and took a job with Centrus Energy, which processes uranium and sells nuclear fuel. Poneman and the company claim the job “came quite unexpectedly.” But Poneman was instrumental in getting the company hundreds of millions while he was in office, propping it up for years; it went though bankruptcy in 2014 and is still suffering huge losses. Part of the millions paid for by taxpayers included a no-bid contract to the company (formerly named USEC) to clean up their own waste at a Cold War-era uranium enrichment plant they had operated in Piketon, Ohio.

The Yellow Cake band member has said there is nothing inappropriate about his new job, where he will make 700 times his salary at the DOE. He is thumbing his nose at all of us, believing he will never be held accountable.

The lawlessness and arrogance of these people is breathtaking. The Center for Public Integrity has done an in-depth piece on Poneman and Centrus/USEC, which is a primer on the ways that Congress transfers wealth from those who need it to those who don’t. Well worth reading.

Former Energy Department official wins huge pay raise after moving to firm with deep ties to DOE


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