Tweets by adversarial journalists #2

If there was ever a True Adversarial Journalist, it is Jamie Kirchick of the esteemed Daily Beast. He is adversarial to Russia and to freedom of speech, and he is trying to out-McCarthy McCarthy with his twitter denunciations. Oh! He is a shining beacon of light, reaching out to his 9200 Twitter followers.

First, the low-hanging fruit.



Next, he sets his sight on noted Anna Chapmanesque Russian spy, Rania Khalek of Electronic Intifada.


And finally, he righteously denounces those hacks at Fox News, who are so very unlike him:


Kirchick understands that we must all vote for Hillary and that if we consider anyone else, we are traitors to our country. We must fear Trump as an obvious Russian dupe.

Hillary commies

He takes his cue from Hillary in denouncing other journalists.

kirchick4 mccarthy

He is the very model of the modern American journalist.



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