Tweets by adversarial journalists #3

Jason Cherkis of HuffPo, being a good Clinton loyalist, spends most of his time on twitter trying to whip up your fear of Trump.

Other than that he enjoys logical fallacies.


And he likes to argue that his candidate’s corruption is OK as long as others have engaged in it.


Best of all, he uses this tried-and-true blanket excuse for all wrongdoing, wherein he takes down all accusations of corruption by calling the accuser a crazed “purist.” This has worked to good effect at Daily Kos.


Wedged into his litany of anti-Trump and anti-anti-Hillary tweets are his Terrified-of-Jill-Stein tweets. He retweets some tasty red-baiting right here:


And red-baiters don’t care if their bogus charges have been debunked again and again.


Cherkis is devoted to his task. Adversarial journalism: adverse to facts, critical thinking, and logical arguments. This is Amurka in the 21st century.


I wonder what he would make of this investigation at The Intercept.


Somehow I think he will avoid tweeting about it.


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